Basic Tea Brewing Guide

Basic Tea Brewing Guide

Tea can help provide daily reminders to live in the moment. The mindset shift can start long before you take your first sip, when the process of tea preparation can let your thoughts wander from the stresses of the day.

Brewing tea is pretty easy, but like anything, the nuance of the process can make your experience that much more engaging. We’re certainly no tea snobs, but if you ever wondered how to make a better cup of tea, here is a simple reminder on basic steps.

Water Temperature:

This is the main one people miss and is important in getting your tea right. For most Green, Oolong and White teas, the ideal temperature is between 158ºF to 176ºF (70º - 80ºC). Black Tees are better steeped around 200º F (~94º C). Infusion and Dark tees steep at 212º F (100º C).

If you don’t have a thermometer handy, no sweat. Here’s what to do. Heat your kettle until the water boils, then take the kettle off heat and wait for the water to cool to the desired temperature.

Here’s a quick guide:

Temperature Duration

212º F (100º C)

Wait 5-10 seconds

200º F (~94º C)

Wait 30-60 seconds

158º - 176º F (70º - 80º C)

Wait 1-2 minutes

Steep Your Tea:

How long you steep your tea is a matter of personal preference and variety of tea. Generally speaking, 3 minutes of steeping time is your target. If you like it darker, steep longer. If you have an herbal infusion, this may take up to 7 minutes while a light green or white tea could take as little as one or two minutes. It’s up to you!

Once you’ve removed your tea leaves, give it another minute to cool to an enjoyable temperature. This will bring out the full flavor of your tea.

This process can be a nice break from pandemic stress and years worth of zoom calls. Take some time for yourself and enjoy the process.