Repairs and Replacements

Leather Goods & Bags

At Tanner Goods we have always prided ourselves at setting the standard when it comes to leather quality. Due to the many challenges we have faced during the ongoing pandemic, we are currently unable to offer timely repair services. Customers are encouraged to email our customer service team with information about their defective product for a possible replacement.

What qualifies as defective? Any defect that may arise including defective seam stitching, faulty zippers, buttons or snaps, hardware defects and fabric defects. We understand that there may be some Tanner Goods items too treasured to part with and we hope to get our repair services running again.

Mazama Ceramics

All Mazama pieces are handmade and some variation in the consistency of the product is to be expected. Ceramics can be washed safely in the dishwasher. However, we recommend hand washing for the longest lifespan. In an event where you believe you have received a defective piece or a product was damaged upon shipment, please contact for a replacement.

Tanner Goods Limited Lifetime Warranty

We take pride in the quality and durability of our goods which is why we offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty for every qualifying in-line Tanner Goods leather or bag style purchased from our online store, authorized dealer, or previous retail experience.

The Limited Lifetime Warranty applies to our bags for up to 4 years and leather goods for up to 8 years.

We stand by the design, quality and craftsmanship of our goods which is why we are happy to cover issues due to a manufacturer defect incurred during the lifetime of your items. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers defective seam stitching, faulty zippers, hardware defects and fabric defects. 

Please note that we are unable to offer leather restoration. Every item is subject to review by our customer service team. All replacements require proof of purchase. Final Sale, Clearance and Sample Sale items are not covered by our warranty.

Mazama 90-Day Warranty

Over the years we have made many refinements to the production of our Mazama products to ensure the highest possible durability and we are confident in the construction of our Mazama products. These are handmade products and we know that there can, on occasion, be issues.That is why we offer a 90 day warranty on our Mazama products.

If your Mazama ceramic or glassware product breaks due to manufacturing defect within 90 days of receiving your order you can contact us for a refund or exchange. Our Quality Control team reserves the right to review your Mazama product before we issue a refund or exchange.