How do I size my belt?

There are two easy ways to size your belt. The general rule of thumb that we use in our Flagship store is to simply size up two from your pants size (e.g., if you are a size 30 in the waist, select a size 32 belt).  However, with irregularities in waist sizing, this method is not always perfect. If you want to be completely sure that you are getting the correct size, try this: wearing your pants at their normal level on your waist, take a tape measure and find the length around the waistband. This will usually be a few inches more than your pants size, so don’t be alarmed at the measurement. Then, simply refer to the table on the belt page to find the correct size. 

Half Sizes: If you find that your waist measurement falls in-between a full size, for example you measure 33" order the next standard belt size up, which in this case would be a size 34. 


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