Earth Day

Commerce can wait. The environmental crisis cannot.

When our team met last week to finalize our Earth Day plans, we got to thinking - How do we feel about selling stuff on a holiday meant to celebrate the environment? We’re proud of what we make and how we make it, and we're taking small steps towards a larger goal. Soon, you’ll be receiving your orders in new packaging we designed for a lighter environmental footprint. Today however, we are aligning our values using a different approach.

Our online store will be closed until the end of the day (Midnight PST). We’re starting from where we are, with the tools we have at our disposal, to show a small gesture in support of positive environmental impact. In lieu of the online shop, here are a few environmental causes that we align with and you can help support today. Help us in giving the Earth a break.

Thank you for your trust, and for growing and learning with us.

Happy Earth Day!


We are still available by email if you have any questions about your order.

The Trust for Public Land:
TTPL is a national non-profit organization creating parks and outside spaces for communities that need it most.

The Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust:
OSALT is a non-profit land trust preserving agricultural land for the future purposes of research and education on sustainable agriculture.

MRG Foundation:
Last year's wildfires in Oregon destroyed around 1.07 million acres and burned down over 4,000 homes. One of MRG missions is to help those displaced and provide direct support to those in Tribal Communities.