it Vanishes

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it Vanishes proposes a new perspective on outdoor design and sustainable aesthetics. Experiment_03 is a study in opposing influences; brutalism’s utility balancing romanticism decoration. Chunky details inspired by S.T.S. era flight suits emphasize function while dead stock fabrics of ripstop and Italian twill offer an inviting, comfortable feel. A color palette of earthen hues reflects our own human connection with our terrestrial home to bring it all together.


Utilizing quality leftovers from large productions runs, it Vanishes finds renewing value in something that was once "left over". The result is no two releases are alike, similar to how no two outdoor experiences are the same.

Natural Fabrics

It Vanishes uses natural cotton wherever possible. Cotton’s high breathability properties encourage us to experience nature, not block it out. These fibers better break down in the waste cycle, preventing micro plastics from entering the oceans.

Outdoor Utility

Utilitarian details are a common staple in outdoor design, however, it Vanishes uses these details as expression. Dead stock beads serve as bungee stops while external, oversized pockets create a brutalist solution to storage.

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