Our People

We’re proud to call famous Washington saddle maker L.P. Streifel a mentor. Streifel started out as a bronco rider before injury took its toll and sent him in search of a new career. L.P. became a saddle-maker’s apprentice in the early 60’s, and began his journey towards becoming a master of all things leather. He has imparted invaluable knowledge, support, and skill to us, and he provided the foundation on which Tanner Goods stands today.
We try both to honor those teachings and to carry on his tradition of high quality leatherworking in every piece we produce. Over the years, we have added members to our team who share these ideals. Our crew is small by design. Staying focused on what we do best allows us to keep a close eye on every step of production and lets each of us concentrate on our areas of expertise. Among us you’ll find varied backgrounds in industrial design, architecture, carpentry, metalworking, apparel design, and graphic design.
We believe in having less (and better versions) of the things we need, in choosing products that are built to last, and in learning how to maintain those items over their lifespans. We are not technology averse, but we choose not to make things that will become obsolete when the next product cycle rolls around.