Our Photo Essentials

We’re not professional photographers by any means, but we’re proficient.  And for most things, we’re content with calling ourselves that.  Our quiver of gear isn’t extravagant – a solid body, a few lenses and handful of filters are really all we need to get the job done.  This “carry only the essentials” approach was the starting point for the camera collection we designed at Tanner Goods.

Nobody likes a bag with a bunch of pockets that serve no function other than collecting lint, so when we began sketching up our Field Camera Bag we kept this in mind.  The heavy felt liner we designed uses a tab system, allowing the divider to be arranged in any number of positions depending on the gear you’re carrying - always the right number of compartments, always the right shape, with no space going to waste. 

And when it comes to carrying your camera on your body, two things are paramount: functionality and dependability (okay, style is important too).  Our SLR Camera Strap andPoint & Shoot Camera Strap achieve all three, and do it with flexibility in mind.

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