The Burnside Tradition

It's been a little more than a year and a half since we first opened the doors to our first Tanner Goods flagship store, and like any large project we felt a great sense of satisfaction [and a bit of relief] to get it open.  When the dust settled, we took a deep breath, cracked a couple beers and sat back for the weekend and relaxed a bit.  Then the next week got promptly back to work.

As any homeowner would tell you, a place of residence, be it our own homes, workshop space or flagship store, is always in a constant state of change and improvement.  We all have a laundry list of projects waiting to be tackled, and just this week we crossed a big one of our own list.

Since the earliest phases of design, we've always wanted to incorporate a neon sign in our storefront.  For those who aren't really familiar with our location in Portland, there's a strong historic tradition of neon signage running down the Burnside corridor.  And we think neon is really fucking cool.  So those two factors sealed the deal - it wasn't so much a question of whether we would do it, but more a question of when we could afford to do it.  And almost 2 years down the road, we're finally at a spot where we could swing it [with some help from the Portland Development Commission].  A huge thanks is also due to our friends at the PDC for helping us fund the project.  

A big high five and pat on the back to the folks at Ramsay Signs is also in order - they were extremely helpful and enthusiastic about our project, and we couldn't be more happy with the result.  Our guy Alex Nguyen managed to cruise over during the fabrication and snap a few pics of the process.  

Keep an eye out next time you find yourself on W. Burnside.  It's kind of hard to miss to be honest.