CFI Essentials

Earlier this year I was fortunate enough to spend a month in Tokyo, where I had my first international solo exhibition, worked on a project for Converse, and made some really talented friends. This jacket wasn’t made in Tokyo, but it’s a great excuse for me to talk about my time there. It’s also a good reason to mention the folks who made it, one of my favorite brands Ebbets Field Flannels, who manufacture their goods right here in the Pacific Northwest.

The vintage Trail Blazers gem was the first tee I ever designed back in the day; and I printed far too many. It got ripped off before I could sell them, so to this day they fill half of my shirt drawer. I have like 20 in rotation. Luckily, I’m a big fan of Uncle Juwon.

The first edition boot of the Danner x Tanner Goods collaboration is very dear to me as these boots have spent little time off my feet over the last year or so. They kept me grounded in Tokyo galleries, LA fashion week red carpets, London parties and Madrid futbol games. They also kept me standing strong while working backbreaking construction gigs, graveyard shifts, cleaning homeless shelter bathrooms, making modern cat furniture, and whatever other crazy circumstances life has thrown our way. No matter the situation, they stay laced up just the same. I can’t imagine how many miles I’ve put on these boots since their release, but I’m happy we made it full circle back to the CFI workshop.

Drawing will always be awesome. Carry a sketchbook. Technology is secondary.

Tanner Goods Key Lanyard, Saddle Tan. Opens doors to studio, home, bike & storage unit.

Red, white and blue horsehair bracelet from The Woodlands. 

Custom leather wrist wrap, designed by Anthony Parrish.

Fossilized Shark Tooth pendant by Sticks & Stones Accessories. 

Elk Antler two-finger ring by Sticks & Stones Accessories.

Tanner Goods Cardholder, Saddle Tan with Pendleton wool lining.