Toyo's Last Supper

It's a tradition that started earlier this year, and an occasion that is often bittersweet.  What started as a special edition of our family lunches for one of our own moving away, has now been solidified as a final exclamation point in the form of a taco bar lunch.  And with our workshop crew reaching 15+ strong, these lunches have developed into a mexican smorgasbord of slow-cooked meats, fresh salsas and tortillas, with a healthy [or unhealthy, depending on your vantage point] serving of Tecates, Modellos and pitchers of margaritas.  OSHA, if you're reading this, don't fret.  No heavy equipment was operated after the festivities. 

This past Friday we celebrated the departure of one of our earliest employees, Alex Toyoshima, also known as Toyo a.k.a. Big Fridge a.k.a. Craftsperson #5.  You'll be missed buddy!

Now down to the serious business: this edition featured a little burro piñata that took a good beating.  Five took swings, but it was Sarah who finally split the little guy open...

And although the title sounds a little daunting, these Last Supper events are anything but.  They're a toast to one of our own moving on to  another chapter, hopefully a little bit wiser and a whole lot more experienced in small goods manufacturing [with the calluses to prove it].

Safe travels Toyo.