On Location: The Three Sisters Wilderness

This past weekend my good buddy Adam Guggenheim and I made a quick trip down to Central Oregon to shoot this season's short for our Danner Boot + Tanner Goods special makeup - The Leftbank.  Last season's video featured a collection of shots from within their production facility, so we thought this year we'd get outside and document the wear testing side of things.  A good excuse to get in a couple more days outdoors while the weather is still prime.

We called up another good buddy of ours we grew up with in Sisters, Ore. - Adam Haynes - and he was more than willing to head out camping and fishing with us.  His '89 Land Cruiser is perfectly outfitted for trips like this.

Haynes is one of my favorite illustrators, and his subject matter is often inspired by outdoor excursions he's constantly heading out to do.  There's a tie-in to his work that goes along with our video and the launch we're planning, so keep checking back...the details will be available later this week.

Until then, here's a few images I pulled from our trip...

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