A Visit to Horween Leather Co.

Last week Tiandra and myself made our way to muggy Chicago for our semi-annual pilgrimage to visit Horween.  On the agenda: a tour for first-timer Tiandra, some R&D regarding next season's leather and bite to eat at Longman & Eagle. We tacked on a day at Lollapalooza too - our one and [most likely] only shot at catching Black Sabbath play.  All in all a solid performance. 

I've had the pleasure of hearing Nick Horween's $5 tour a few times before, so this time I thought I'd try and capture some footage along the way and throw together a quick video.  Not all the equipment was running that day, so there are some parts of the process missing...but that said, it still gives people a good idea about the work involved in tanning leather and all people making it happen.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the wherewithal to film Nick's bulldog pup "Junior" - you'll get your 10 minutes of fame soon enough little guy.

Thanks again to all the folks at Horween [especially Nick] for the hospitality and continued excellence.  You make a great product, and we're proud to use it in our goods.