Chasing Waterfalls

There's something about Oregon's landscape that is both majestic and honest in ways I cannot describe. Lush evergreen forests surround our city and can be accessed in less than 45 minutes by way of car. With the everyday hustle bustle of city life, taking a weekend adventure out to these places can be just the right kind of getaway to have you feeling refreshed about life. I recently took a hike out in the Columbia River Gorge, where I was able to fully enjoy this amazing backdrop that we call the great Pacific Northwest. 

Wander down any number of trails in this area and you'll see plants native only to this hemisphere; like the western maidenhair fern, which is characterized by its dark brown to black stems. The crisp forest air will remind your olfactory what pleasure can be had by just breathing alone, all while the ancient rock formations tower high above as if they are guarding the very last places untouched by man. 

Hike through hills of moss covered boulders; up along the many scenic banks and you'll eventually find yourself infront a wall of cascading water. These waterfalls range in sizes from leaky faucet to postcard perfect, but all evoke the same sense of sublime nonetheless. Take a moment to enjoy the scene and eat your fresh fruits and homemade sandwich. Continue along and feast your eyes on breath taking views and waterfall after waterfall. It's easy to get carried away in a forest as beautiful as ours so just be mindful of how long you've been hiking and make sure you've allocated enough time for the return trip.

That day as I got back to my car the sun was setting behind the hills to the West and I noticed the huge shadows the age old trees were casting on one another. It made me think about how my busy schedule has cast shadows on my very own life. Making a point to take outings like the one that day has helped me reset mentally/physically and has been monumental in helping me keep a healthy work/leisure lifestyle. If ever there is one more day to my week, you'll know where to find me.