A Story of Smell

It's easy to share the sights and sounds of a region but when you want to show the beauty that is Cascadia's aroma, the task is tricky.

Around two years ago, after fiddling with the many plants turned smells that Portland neighborhoods offer, I found an interest in preserving those smells and passing them out to people in the form of soap. Not only did the blocks of scent get you clean but when wet, unlocked the atmosphere of Portland change from one season to the next. Out of this, Maak Soap lab was born. A small lab of capture and experimentation maintained by Anoria Gilbert and myself. A platform to expose people to the overlooked wonders of regional scents.

After joining Tanner Goods a year ago, it was an easy decision to collect the scents that emulate our crew's excursions and share them with the people that love our products as well. We spent a lot of time in the lab and even more in Portland's wilderness of a backyard to come up with memorable places rather than isolated scents and we're excited to share them with you here. 

We were certain to document a few of the steps along the way during our 'Story of Smell'


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