Bespoke Shoes

"You are either in your shoes or in your bed," said Mr. John Wildsmith, " it is worth investing in both."

Like many of you out there (I'm sure), I too am quite a fan of footwear. I was lucky enough to study at the London College of Fashion for a summer at which time, I also traveled to Japan to watch and practice the skills of a bespoke shoemaker in Kobe named Koji Suzuki. Classic silhouettes are definitely what catch my interest but I always look for what new materials, styles, or techniques can be done.

These are some shoes I've been working on in my spare time, using assorted scrap leather from around the workshop. I used an old saddle shoe pattern I made at school and did the stitching on one of our old Juki's. I always keep my trusy tools in an old beat up leather pouch. It has vintage tools from all around the world. I hand punched all of the buroquing details too. I've now stitched the lining in so I need to get on with the lasting and will have them finished up soon enough!

Stay tuned for more updates from Felipe and the rest of our team.  We've got lots to share.