Hand-Stitched belt for 3Sixteen.



The guys from 3sixteen sent us two dozen salvaged belt buckles they acquired a few months back, and we jumped at the opportunity to produce a small run of belts for them.  We've been wanting to do a hand-stitched belt for a while, and thought our Golden 13oz. English Bridle leather would look exceptional with the antique buckles and white waxed thread.  Here's a few pics we took during production to show some of the process that went into producing these belts.



These belts took nearly twice as long to produce as our typical Standard Belt - each keeper was skived down to a 5oz weight, hand edged, then stapled together.  The buckles and keeper are sewn in using a saddle stitch method Mark did by hand.  Cut 1 3/4" wide from 13oz Golden English Bridle leather, these are probably the most heavy-duty belts we've produced.  24 are currently available exclusively through 3sixteen's online shop.

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