The Mill

Few things make us happier in the morning than a good cup of coffee. There’s just something satisfyingly simple about the way coffee and milk integrate in a cup that’s intoxicating to the pallet. In San Francisco, we’ve been blessed by a lot of good places, but few bring together espresso and bread in the way Four Barrel and Josey Baker have at The Mill

Located right across the street from our Divisadero flagship shop, it’s a casually concise experience through and through. This is not the cluttered coffee stop of the early aughts. It’s bright and airy, sans Wi-Fi even – so don’t event ask – with a menu that’s so minimally concise, it’s impossible to choose wrong. Just go with your favorite beverage, and choose your whatever toast peaks your interest and let the staff handle the rest. They’ve got plenty of scrumptious seasonal options but luckily, they keep the selection light and varied. This is the cafe you want to come and relax at. We recommend you leave the computer at home. Heck, don’t even pull our your smartphone. This is a place to embrace the slow life. To reconnect to your neighborhood and to rub elbows at the big community table with your friends. It's a genuine place with honest ingredients and a skilled team to back it all up. It's the kind of place everyone wishes they had in their own neck of the woods. Thankfully, we do.