Turned Hardwood Bowls

Modern small wares inspired by Pacific Northwest design and those enduring hand-made wooden bowls our families used for generations as functionally apt accent pieces. Each Hardwood bowl is hand-turned from sustainable and locally harvested Walnut and Big Leaf Maple by HEW Woodworking founder Sterling Collins, an architectural designer turned master woodworker. Implementing age-old techniques in his craft, Sterling creates every bowl utilizing a single, solid block of wood. As a result, every bowl is entirely unique. Available in three different sizes (or a full set!), there’s an accompanying bowl that’s fit for anything you can think of, depending on your routine. Be it fruit or snack foods in the kitchen or a considered catch-all for your everyday carry items, these modern hardwood vessels are versatile in every sense of the word.And while they might be a bit more of an investment than the mass-produced versions you’d find at your local big-box homewares store, we believe there’s something more rewarding in these beautiful, organic objects that elevate them to an all new place. They’re made to last and improve with time, just like the rest of our collection. And hopefully fit to inspire future generations to continue the legacy and traditions passed down in our own family.
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