Inside Pendleton Woolen Mills

There’s just something special about Pendleton Woolen Mills. Earlier this year, we headed out on I-84 to get an up close look at their long running production facility in Pendleton, Oregon. 

Situated on the same foundation as it did all the way back in 1909, along the Columbia plateau, the North Eastern Oregon mill boasts an extensive domestic manufacturing operation employing a highly skilled team of woolen masters. It's here where our exclusive Geoglyph design is made from start to finish. In fact, the Pendleton location is the only factory in their arsenal with the necessary capability and know-how to produce the circular jacquard designs found on many popular blankets and throws in the extensive Pendleton Woolen Mills collection. 

Walking around their space is something special to behold. You get a true sense of the scale and scope of this operation. It’s a remarkably inspiring story, built in the spirit of the American dream, and we definitely recommend a visit. At only four hours from Portland, it's well worth the time to head east. 

For more information on factory tours, head to the Pendleton site and check out our exclusive collaboration here