Good Trip Peru Mixtapes

Good Trip Peru Mixtapes

Aug 16, 2017 | By: Sam Huff

Download both mixes HERE 


Good Trip is not a travel guide.  Nor is it an all-encompassing, can’t miss dispatch on the hippest dips from cities and countries that are trending right now.  Good Trip is simply a subjective, first-hand account on the cultural elements and regional histories we find especially compelling in our own travels.  

In collaboration with Aquarium Drunkard, we've compiled three hours worth of our favorite cumbia, huayno and chicha tracks emblematic of music scene in Peru between the late 60s and early 80s. Follow us through groves of tropical beats, waves of reverb-heavy guitars and the rise and descent of traditional Quechua harmonies…while we get our head right.

For the second edition in our series of Good Trip mixtapes, we’re picking up where Volume I eft off, but with special attention paid to the diverse instrumentation and psych-laden effects employed in cumbia, huayno, chicha and beyond. This collection also features a healthy dose of reverb-soaked surf sounds, tropical organ and freaky synth riffs, along with one gritty, proto-punk garage rock tune record heads will definitely pick up on. So sit back, mix yourself a pisco sour and slip into a 90 minute groove to cap off a sun-drenched summer.