American Made - Wickett & Craig

American Made - Wickett & Craig

Based in central Pennsylvania, just four hours east of Pittsburgh, Wickett & Craig has been dedicated to the time honored craft of leather tanning since 1857. Recognized worldwide for their superior vegetable-tanned bridle and leather expertise, Wickett & Craig run an operation unlike few others and work with some of the most successful brands in the business.

Every season, our development and operations teams take a trip east, to the storied Wickett tanning facility, to meet and collaborate with their team on new, and exclusive, leather treatments for our collection. Being manufacturers ourselves, we always jump at the opportunity to get a hands-on tour of any big operation. There’s just something special about seeing the process firsthand. On this particular journey out east, we had the great pleasure of seeing one of our forthcoming leather makeups very early in the manufacturing process.

When it comes to leather, we only work with the best, and over 150 years, Wickett & Craig have earned a place among the upper echelon of American-made giants. You may not necessarily recognize the name, but you know the quality when you feel it. 

For more on Wickett & Craig, head to their site or watch this great video below:

Wickett & Craig | Superior Leather Since 1867 from Wickett & Craig on Vimeo.