The Reliable Tradesman

Let's face it; some of us carry more in our wallets than others.  So instead of over-burdening a wallet meant for carrying less [better known as the Costanza Dilemma], we designed - well, engineered is actually a better term - a silhouette that solves this problem.  And solves it in a beautiful combination of form and function.

Like the laborer for which it is named, the Tradesman silhouette speaks to those who travel with a hefty set of essentials.  It features a half-dozen card slots, two long pouches for cash and receipts and one long zippered pouch utilizing a premium Riri metal hardware.  It's stout, but in a good way.

After being sold out for the past eight weeks, we're happy to re-introduce one of our most popular styles.  The Tradesman is now available in Black, Indigo, Natural, Oxblood, and Russet.