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Porter Handlebar Bag

Burnt Oak


  • Description

    When you're headed into the hills (or to the beach, or pretty much anywhere good) having a little storage thats within arms reach is always welcome. A compact design, this handlebar bag lets you access food, maps or an extra layer easily, without having to rummage through all your gear.
  • Details

    The waxed canvas body is flexible and durable, and attaches easily to the bars with two double-ring leather straps. For added security, you can attach it to the head tube, depending on the size and design of your bike. One long lash patch lets you run webbing through for additional carrying options. Dimensions: 5" x 10" x 5.5"
  • Shipping Details

    This item is available and will ship within 5 Business Days of date of purchase. Please refer to shipping details on other individual products if you are purchasing multiple items -- lead times may vary for each.
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