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    There is a certain spirit to something served out of a human-made object. Pouring water out of a plastic bottle just doesn't feel the same to us.

    Each of our Serving Bottles is thrown in two pieces by two unique sets of hands, then joined together to create one beautiful vessel. Because of the scale, every bottle comes out of the kiln slightly different. But we think unique beauty lies within the nature of our materials; no two are ever the same [but most hold around 750 ml of liquid.]

    All Serving Bottles come with a cork stopper, and work well for whatever the occasion calls for - a nice vintage wine, water during dinner or seltzer while mixing cocktails.

  • Details

    Hand thrown vitrified stoneware.

    25 cm height x 9.5 cm diameter, holds approximately 750 ml.

    Food safe, microwave and dishwasher safe.

    Mazama Ware are handmade and some variation in the consistency of the product is to be expected.

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    This item is available and will ship within 48 hours of date of purchase. Please refer to shipping details on other individual products if you are purchasing multiple items -- lead times may vary for each.
    Serving Bottle
    Serving Bottle

    Mazama Wares

    Serving Bottle


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