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    As per the brand's raison d'etre, the Arpenteur Rachel Jacket is made entirely in France from French fabrics. In fact, a lavish internal label ensures you can't miss their use of high-quality wool from Pyrenean sheep. This lightweight jacket uses a treated boiled wool that compresses and interlocks the fibres which ultimately results in a dense and texture-rich wool that is almost felt-like. The detailing, as you would expect with anything coming from Arpenteur, is nothing short of exceptional throughout. A soft corduroy lines the pockets and collar, ecru herringbone taping is used to reinforce the inside of the button-stud closure and the ribbed cuffs, and the traditional jacket style is given a more modern, slimmer silhouette. Two large angled pockets on the front finish off the look of this distinctive piece.
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    100% wool, Made in France, Two angled front pockets, Press stud closure, Corduroy lined band collar and pockets
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    Navy Boiled Wool
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