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Premium Wristband



  • Description

    We try to pay attention to our surroundings and note what works, even when totally unrelated to what we do. For our premium wristband, inspiration struck us on a crabbing excursion to Nehalem Bay. Based on the classic boat cleat, it walks the line between handsomeness and simplicity.
  • Details

    Each is cast in the US from sterling silver, and features a cleat-and-keeper system that corals one piece of thick vegetable tanned leather around your wrist. Both metal and leather components will age beautifully over time. Wristband dimensions: Small 7.25", Medium 8.25", Large 9.25" in length.
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    This item is available and will ship within 48 hours of date of purchase. Please refer to shipping details on other individual products if you are purchasing multiple items -- lead times may vary for each.
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