The Last Wallet You'll Ever Buy

Few things age quite as distinctly or with as much character as leather. It's this inherent underlying quality which fascinated us from the very beginning. Like a good pair of indigo denim worn to whiskers or a well-beat pair of Chucks, a Natural wallet or belt becomes one with the owner over time. Displaying a pattern or imprint of your lifestyle on it's exterior, a trusty leather wallet bears an impression of one's daily rituals, travels and scars to such an extent that no two wallets will ever truly be visually alike or equal. It's this malleable quality and transformational process that make accessories created from Natural tooling leather so uniquely wonderful to own. When you use something everyday, it shouldn't break down from wear, but rather, it should improve with time, building a patina as rich and as interesting as the life you lead. In short, that's a physical manifestation of our tagline: Worth Holding Onto. This is the idea that something should improve with time and frequent use.

Too often in our consumer driven society, we cast out things that are old, beat up or defunct. That old thing which you cherished so much on day one does nothing but occupy your lonely junk drawer on day sixty-five. Leather goods are not like this. For those individuals searching for something a bit more satisfying from their belongings than the temporary enthusiasm and satisfaction brought into context with a new iPhone or TV, we offer up a simple idea: try out a Utility Bifold wallet or a Standard Belt, and try it in Natural leather. Use it everyday for three, six or eight months and tell us you've not grown attached and accustomed to it's presence in your pocket. Try the same thing with your smartphone and tell us if you're not already looking forward to the next big release after just a few short weeks. You'll soon discover there is tangible and real quality that improves with each day, and after a year or two, you'll soon realize that this will be the last wallet you will ever own. 

Utility Bifold in Natural - new and worn