Calls To Action

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As a retailer who believes in supporting our community, we stand with our Black neighbors and applaud the countless individuals who have protested in support to end institutional racism and police violence. At Tanner Goods, we are committed to fighting for racial justice. As a small business, we want to utilize our platform to allow Black voices to be heard. In order to help make an impact we are working towards empathetic and equitable solutions for change. This is an ongoing process that we must sustain for the long haul.

One thing we can do is donate with an open heart to organizations promoting social justice and working to end police violence. Another step we can take is to sign petitions that call for action. We aren’t at the center of this, but we want to do what we can to help support this work in our communities and country.


We know this isn't an exhaustive list but please check out these organizations that are working to reform the criminal justice system and helping to end systemic racism that is so prevalent in our country.

Equal Justice Initiative

Local to Portland:
Don’t Shoot PDX
United Oregon

Local to San Francisco:
Roots Community Center
Black Earth Farms
National Lawyer's Guild SF


Call to demand justice

Call your State Representative

Call your Congressional Representative to demand accountability whenever you see injustice.


Signing petitions

Signing petitions does work. For example in Louisville, Breonna Taylors Law has passed the Louisville Metro Council Public Safety Committee. However, those officers have yet to face any justice.

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery
Justice for Breonna Taylor

Giving Back

Last week we gave back to a local non-profit, Soul River, who are helping to provide a new generation with tools and the community to get outside. Soul River connects US military veterans with inner city youth, focusing on the wonderful healing properties that come from being present outdoors.

Because of your wonderful support, we were able to donate $1,000 to support Soul River's efforts in creating a new generation of ambassadors for Mother Nature.