Our Flagship Store

Walk into either our workshop or our storefront and you’ll recognize a lot of similarities. Both are housed in beautiful rehabilitated brick buildings, supported by large timber beams and smelling a good deal like leather and machine oil. One is the ground floor of an old auto shop building just across the Broadway Bridge, and the other is anchored in the heart of the city on West Burnside. Both even have a brewery within arm’s reach (though, what doesn’t in Portland?).
Our two spaces share some of the same equipment, too – walk into our flagship store and any belt can be customized with our assortment of hardware, applied with a foot press on the spot. In addition to our in-line product, we’re constantly adding small runs of exclusive colorways and custom goods to the shelves. We use the shop as a testing ground for new ideas, and encourage feedback from our patrons. Come on in and let us know what you think.
Our knowledgeable retail staff are as passionate about quality as the craftspeople in our production studio, and the wealth of information they have to offer goes beyond leather goods and craft. If you have any questions about our products, our company, or the city that we call home, our staff will do their best to give you personalized, thoughtful recommendations.


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