Different wallets and their functions

Different Types of Wallets and Their Functions

As far as unisex accessories go, there are few more popular and enduring than the wallet. While they have been used for their incredible utility since the 1600s, the wallet has long since been another fashion statement with which people have learned to express themselves. As straightforward as a cash-carrying pouch might sound, there are many different types of wallets available to the masses today.

Depending on your needs and your preferred aesthetic, there are far more than a few types of wallets for you to choose from.

Old Standbys

Bifold Wallet

A collection of three leather Bifold wallets in different colors

Probably the oldest and most common wallet type amongst men is the bifold wallet. This standard structure opens to reveal a pocket where you can keep your bills as well as often including slots for credit cards and ID.

Trifold Wallet

The trifold wallet is almost as common as the bifold. The trifold will usually have about the same amount of space for carrying cash, though it often has far more slots available for cards. That said, the structure of the trifold wallet makes it slightly more uncomfortable to keep in your back pocket.

Card Holder

A common choice for minimalists who do not carry much cash on hand is the card holder wallet. As the name suggests, this slim wallet has enough room for a few folded bills and whatever cards you may need throughout your day.

Coin Purse

Woman holding coin purse

Far more common amongst women, the coin purse is another classic wallet type. These pouches tend to have a simple clasp or zipper to open and shut them, and have enough space for some cash, cards, and of course, coins.

Clutch Wallet

Another common choice with women is the clutch wallet. Somewhere between a standard wallet and a purse, the clutch wallet provides more than enough space to carry whatever you might reasonably need on a night out without being too inconvenient.

Utility Wallets

Phone Case Wallet

For those who prefer to keep as many pockets clear as possible, the phone case wallet is a great option. Usually sleek and slim in their design, phone case wallets can make it easy for you to carry only what you need. While some may only have the space for a card or two, many have pockets for bills as well as slots for several cards.

Travel Wallet 

A SLR camera with a leather strap laying on a felt backdrop with a leather Travel wallet including a Passport peaking out.

Travel wallets are a great way to carry around your cash and important documents while traveling. Travel wallets can also come in waistband styles; which are sleek and thin enough to wear under your clothing, ensuring secrecy. Another common option, though slightly less convenient, is the leg wallet. This is also worn under your clothes and fits snugly on your lower leg.

Checkbook Wallet

While most people prefer to use cards for most transactions these days, professionals who still need to write checks regularly can make use of the checkbook wallet. Aside from your checkbook alone, these will often have room for some cards and cash as well.

Money Clips

Money clips are a classic alternative to the traditional wallet, both for minimalists as well as those on the move. In addition to being a great way to secure your paper currency in one place, you can usually fit a card or two in there as well.

Added Security

RFID Wallets

In the modern world, there are simply too many ways for scammers to get ahold of your credit card information. RFID wallets protect your cards from skimmers and other potential threats to your payment data.

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