Get To Know: Anthony Parrish

As the very first production employee at Tanner Goods, Anthony has experienced almost every stage of the brand. From those early days, we always enjoyed his hyper-creative energy, and felt inspired by his introspective outlook on life, culture and Portland. So with the launch of the new blog, we figured who best to kick off the ‘People’ section than by introducing you to one of the original members of our team. 

What is your role at Tanner Goods?

I manage the Special Projects & Private Label division. I handle sales, develop samples, coordinate with our production team and manage our websites and digital accounts, for all Special Projects & Private Label goods. I also manage all scrap leather sales from deadstock Horween hides leftover from past seasons or English Bridle pieces leftover from inline production. 

What are your favorite things happening in Portland?

As a multimedia artist, I’m really excited by the growth in the various artistic scenes. I’m a poet, vocalist, visual artist, and performer and I’m excited at how many artists are here on a similar level. Portland’s rap scene is so diverse and talented and we’re starting to gain momentum in a city that hasn’t had much of a hip-hop reputation outside of Portland. D.U.G. (Deep Under Ground) is a great event that friends of mine put on, that features a diverse range of young artists in all sorts of mediums and genres, with the intent of creating a safe place for creatives in Portland to support and build together. 

What inspires your creative process?

It’s all about the details. I learned a lot about efficiency and design from working my way up on the production floor, which I applied to my own pursuits in art and music. I’m inspired by other artists that push boundaries, and when I’m making things in any medium, I always want to make something that’s new to me. I love improvisation, and when I perform, I try to create a unique experience with each show, even if I’m performing music I’ve written. I’m not finished with a painting until I like it at each rotation of 90º. I like to trust my stream of consciousness. I hate to do anything too contrived or contrary to my current emotion, I want to create honest work, even if the content is fictional or abstract. If I overthink it, I underfeel it. I try to get my ideas out and keep moving on to the next one, and I switch between mediums as to not get burnt out on any one. My painting inspires my music, my music inspires my painting, and everything comes together in my performances.

Which tool(s) do you use in your own work?

I use Ableton on an old Macbook to record/produce my music at home, where I go back and forth between painting and beat-making. I also share a more professional music studio with my producer/DJ/engineer, Skelli Skel, and we’ve been steadily re-investing into building it up, although he’s the one that spends the most money on gear, which I’m grateful for. I use mostly acrylic for my paintings, unless I’m doing black & white lifework, which I prefer Copic Multiliners. 

What projects are you currently working on?

I recently released my 9th musical project, Calmanac, via Dropping Gems, and so I’ve been working on pushing that and shooting videos for it. My solo musical artist name is Old Grape God, and I’m in two rap/performance duos, called Wine & Coffee and Paint Soup, which I’m currently recording albums with each. I have my 10th musical project, a full-length solo album, to be out by Fall 2016, but it’s yet to be decided if it’ll release by myself or with a label. I’m working on a limited line of custom painted clothing pieces inspired by Asian restaurants in Portland. I also plan on dropping the third edition of my coloring book, consisting of my line drawings, by the end of Summer 2016. I’m hoping to have a full installation incorporating the various mediums I work in by the end of the year. Despite my plans, I’m still always for spontaneity and tend to prioritize what I feel like doing the most in the moment.

Three things you can’t live without?

Pho, Paint, Music

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