Grand Central Market

 Have you ever witnessed the morning dash for breakfast sandwich? If you ever venture to one of our favorite spots near the Tanner Goods flagship in downtown Los Angeles, you just might. Picture this: the clock silently marches toward 8am while the anticipation in the crowd quietly builds. It’s slow at first. The crowd painting bold expressions that are equal parts eager and anxious. It’s local food-hounds and gastro-tourists shoulder to shoulder, feverishly biding their time. Once the clock strikes open, the security guard calmly ushers the patrons in. But there is no call. It's a dead on sprint to queue up and be the first in line at this infamous cornerstone of the Grand Central Market, Eggslut. Egg-what, you say. What's that? Well friends, we’ll tell you. It’s a deceptively simple combination, perfected over decades. One flawlessly prepared over-medium egg with that delicate yoke deftly intact, a melty, gooey slice of cheddar cheese and your choice of savory bacon or house-made sausage, all lovingly sandwiched by the soft, scrumptious comforts of a lightly toasted brioche bun and finished with a smokey chipotle ketchup. This paired with an expertly concocted cappuccino or pour-over from G&B Coffee is the stuff breakfast dreams are made of.

In essence, every vendor in the bustling downtown Los Angeles foodie-haven Grand Central Market, is an ambrosial home run for your tastebuds. From the mouth-watering goodness you’ll find at Sarita’s Pupuseria, to the full-service butcher Belcampo Meat Co., the GCM is a bold testament to the delicious possibilities that abound in every nook and cranny of the century-old staple of DTLA. It’s a feast for the senses. An eclectic smorgasbord, ripe with variety, waiting to be explored with a friend. Come hungry and leave satisfied. Just be sure to arrive early if you’re interested in that quintessential American crowd-pleaser, the red-white-and-blue combination of egg, cheese and bread.

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