Perfectly, Imperfect

Mazama Sample Sale

Nearly all Mazama pieces are created using a skilled, hand-crafted process. The natural by-product of this unique approach is that some styles don’t meet our specifications. These are called “b-grades” and offer some charming qualities...

The Details:

  • Colors will be chosen at random based on availability.
  • All Sample Sale orders are final sale. No returns or exchanges.
  • We have a small but agile team, however we cannot edit orders. Please double check before purchasing to avoid delays.

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Sample Sale Questions -

With ceramics, what you will often find are irregular glaze applications, imperfect form or small pin holes in the glaze. With glassware, these imperfections will include micro bubbles in the glass, rippled surfaces, uneven lips or misaligned maker’s mark stamps under the base.

Sample Sale goods are final sale. No returns or exchanges, please.

The sky's the limit! Have fun.

No. Coupons will be disabled for all Mazama sample products