Top of the Pops

A few years back my lady turned me onto a couple now-favorite youtube search terms: Top of the Pops and Old Grey Whistle Test.  They were two shows out of the UK that basically served as the ultimate spring board for up-and-coming bands, as well as ones that had already achieved a certain level of succes - but they didn't play favorites like they do today.  Both really hit their peak in the late 70's, which is fortunate because there was some great bands playing music at that time, and lot coming out of the UK specifically.

It's kind of crazy to look back at the breadth of genres they would feature, something that unfortunately would never fly these days.  Luckily enough, both featured a fair bit of music from one of my favorite eras of music [roughly '76 - '84], a time jam-packed with punk, post punk, no wave, etc. - stuff I love to collect on vinyl.

I plucked fifteen 45s from my collection and recorded them to one continuous mix.  So if you have a shit attention span and like to skip ahead, this mix probably isn't for you.  And since it's recorded from vinyl 30+ years old, there's going to be some popping, hissing and crackling.  But that's vinyl.  And in my opinion it still sounds fucking fantastic.

Give a listen, and if you have some time to kill take a stroll down memory lane via youtube.  I also highly recommend searching NZOZ for similar stuff from down under. 

Download here.    

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