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Luggage Tag



  • Description

    We're of the opinion that a piece of ribbon or an airline's paper tag on elastic string isn't the best way to identify your luggage. Wouldn't you agree? Our Luggage Tag is designed to both attach a name and home base to your luggage, as well as make it stand out on the carousel.
  • Details

    Constructed from 5.5 oz. Natural tooling leather, our flap and window design comes standard with a traveler's information card ready for you to customize. Each is burnished, dyed, waxed, and stamped with our signature maker's mark by hand. Luggage Tag dimensions: 3" x 5"
  • Shipping Details

    This item is available and will ship within 48 hours of date of purchase. Please refer to shipping details on other individual products if you are purchasing multiple items -- lead times may vary for each.


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