SLR Camera Strap


Comfortable, sturdy, and adjustable: the three most important aspects of a camera strap. Our version succeeds in all three categories, and attaches to your camera without metal hardware that can cause damage to the body.   Constructed from a combination of 3.5 and 5.5 oz. Horween Rich Chromexcel, the SLR Camera Strap attaches to your camera with two high-density nylon cords. These are easily detachable from the main strap if you're shooting from a tripod. Each is burnished, dyed, waxed, and stamped with our signature maker's mark by hand.  
SLR Camera strap dimensions: 36" end to end  
Our products are handmade to order by our team of craftsmen here in Portland, Oregon. Due to the nature of our work, we do require a 2-3 week production time. You will receive a shipping confirmation via email once your order has shipped, along with a tracking number.

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